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All Season Smart Inverter AC

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All Season Smart Inverter AC-
Lifestyle Comfort

ONIDA All Season Smart Inverter AC provides comfortable lifestyle with all season cool and hot modes.   This ensures that whatever be the season outside (summer, winter or monsoon), you are comfortable inside.  This stylish Smart Inverter AC comes with Mirror finish, Slim looks and advanced Hexa Smart features.

ONIDA SMART Inverter ACs is designed with World’s best DC Compressor and advanced FAST control technology which continuously senses and monitors the room temperature.  An advanced algorithm changes the frequency and speed of the compressor motor to provide super high efficiency.  This saves up to 65% in energy bill under part load conditions.  All this along with advanced features like Pure Air Ionizer, Follow Me Cooling, Auto Clean makes this a must own Smart AC.


ONIDA SMART Inverter start with increased capacity to reach set room temperature faster.  After reaching the set temperature it runs at uniform capacity continuously, avoiding multiple on/off cycles.   This ensures higher efficiency and optimum capacity and saves 65% energy cost.

LOW RUNNING COST - Rs 25 per night

ONIDA Smart AC runs at very low cost of just Rs 25 per night , compared to normal AC which consumes approximately Rs 70 per night (8 hour working at set temperature of 26 deg C , when outside temperature is around 38 deg C ) . This High Energy Efficiency is achieved with a unique design of FAST control technology and High Efficiency DC Inverter Compressor .


    Inverter Technology
    Up to 65% Energy Saving
    Dynamic Season Sensor
    Advanced DC Compressor
    Copper Coil
    Super Silent


    All Season Inverter AC
    High Efficiency DC Inverter
    Inverter Compressor
    Super Slim Design
    170% Faster Cooling
    130% More Cooling
    Pure Air Ionizer
    Eco Friendly Refrigerant
    Fast Technology Controller
    High Seasonal EER
    Low Starting Current
    Auto Clean
    Lifestyle Design
    Follow Me

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